Click! POOF! You’re GONE! This Patriot’s OMINOUS WARNING Will BLOW Your MIND! Epic Must See Video! – James RedPills America

As if it were straight out of a science fiction novel, this Patriot’s Ominous Warning evolves, revealing an Orwellian Plan so Demonic and Dastardly – and Globally Reaching – that NO ONE may be able to ESCAPE! Chris Sky’s MIND-BLOWING interview with Stew Peters will have you ABSOLUTELY CONVINCED that the last little Essence of Freedom that we now enjoy is rapidly evaporating into a mist. Chris succinctly and intelligibly details how Vaccine Passports, Digital ID’s & Digital Currency are all being implemented and used as the catalyst for our Freedoms being relegated to the Past Tense – to a forgotten dream, to a ‘once was’ from a seemingly imaginary place and time. The warnings and revelations that you will hear from Chris Sky should STRIKE FEAR IN THE HEARTS OF ALL SANE FREEDOM-LOVING PEOPLE HEARING IT – and will cause an OVERWHELMING sense of desire for SWIFT and DECISIVE ACTION to take place – BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE! Whatever you do, if you miss any videos, please DO NOT let it be THIS video – you will NEVER forgive yourself. And, after you’re done watching this BLOCKBUSTER INTERVIEW, please share it far and wide to ALL GLOBAL PATRIOTS!

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