(FULL SHOW) Pfizer Jab Contents EXPOSED! Trump ‘Vaccine’ Rhetoric, Saving our Kids, Biden’s 4th and MORE! – Stew Peters Show

PACKED SHOW! (July 5, 2021) – Stew talks with Leila Centner, founder of the Centner Academy, about saving our kids from the tyrannical and overreaching mask and inoculation mandates.

Ann Vandersteel has been targeted by TSA, and speaks on the ‘Deep Rig’ theft of the election, Trump’s ‘vaccine’ rhetoric and MORE!

Dr. Jane Ruby EXPOSES THE CONTENTS OF THE PFIZER VACCINE, and it’s disgusting.

DeAnna Lorraine reveals what Biden was doing on the 4th of July

Carlos Cortez exposes the FED and the plan to triple rates by 2023

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