Fauci’s Premeditated MURDER RAMPAGE Using Killer Concoctions EXPOSED By Dr. Arvis! EPIC Stew Peters!


Join us for ANOTHER MIND-BLOWING INTERVIEW, when Dr. Bryan Ardis joins Stew Peters and EXPOSES ANTHONY FAUCI for the MURDEROUS RAMPAGE he has engaged in SINCE BEFORE THE VERY BEGINNING of the COVID HOAX! This succinct and concisely speaking Doctor describes the various KILLER COCKTAILS and how FAUCI ABSOLUTELY KNEW that it would KILL PEOPLE – yet he continued to push them anyway! Dr. Arvis is a veritable ENCYCLOPEDIA of knowledge, and explains plenty about MEDICAL MALPRACTICE and the INTENTIONAL HARM that these EVIL MAD SCIENTISTS (aka Doctors Pushing the Killer Jab) have attempted to PUSH ON THE UNSUSPECTING & IGNORANT citizens of the world! These SAME EVIL JABSTERS have taken the GLOBAL POPULATION on a DEATH SPIRAL – and a DATE WITH THE DEVIL! A lot of new and hidden information and research has EMERGED in the last week regarding the (so-called) Covid-19 Vaccines (aka Killer Jabs), but it’s ALL being censored and covered up by the Fake News Media and their Deep State Complicit Cohorts, the Demonic Democrats and their buddies, the RINOs – along with their Global Puppet Masters. DO NOT MISS this EPIC and FACT-FILLED INTERVIEW, one which will have you on the EDGE OF YOUR SEAT as you learn of the GLOBALISTS PLAN for WORLDWIDE GENOCIDE!

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