Its All a HUGE SCAM! Biggest Human PsyOp Of All Time! BOMBSHELL Stew Peters & Del Bigtree Interview!

Del Bigtree (The Highwire) lays it ALL out on the line in this MASTERFUL FLOGGING of the Demonic Democrats, the Ragtag RINOs, hosted by the Conservative BEAST, Stew Peters! “It’s ALL a HUGE SCAM, one of the BIGGEST human PsyOp’s of ALL TIME!” Then Bigtree BLASTS the BRAINLESS BIDEN when he yells “BRING IT! This is America and in America…” we have this thing called ‘Freedom!’ Suffice it to say that the sordid details outlined in this DELICIOUS WAXING will leave any sane Patriot wondering “How in the HELL did we get ourselves into this mess..?!” Wonder not, my friends, because Stew Peters & Del Bigtree will show ya how it’s done in this MAGNIFICENT SMACKDOWN of the Deep State Derelicts! Watch and learn Patriots!

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