What Is Biden Saying?! | 7/27/21

It’s official: the University of Texas and the University of Oklahoma will be leaving the Big 12 conference, but it is to be determined where they will go next. Could Pat’s BYU join the Big 12 to replace UT or OU? Biden appears to have answered a reporter’s question with, “My butt’s been wiped!” Whether he said that or not this time, it seriously is getting out of hand with Biden and what he says day after day. A poll from May shows that 55% of the population says that they are pessimistic about where America is headed. The unvaccinated are protesting by the thousands in Europe for being forced to do things they don’t want to. According to a guest on MSNBC, there is an “idiot population that needs to be told what to do.” Today is the start of the 1/6 Commission. Guy Reffitt tells CNN’s Chris Cuomo why he turned his father in for his participation at the events of January 6. People are still having Confederate statues removed, and this time, it’s in Tennessee.

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