The Day the Democracy We Don’t Have Almost Died | 7/27/21

The 1/6 Commission has made a mountain out of a molehill — particularly Adam Kinzinger and Adam Schiff. The commissioners say they will follow the facts, but day one was a poor indicator that they actually will. Democrats used the hearing to say that democracy, which we don’t have, almost died. Really it was just a lot of complaining and crying from witnesses and congressmen and AOC thought she was going to be raped … even though she wasn’t even in the building. The government still has not released most of the footage from January 6. The CDC goes on the offense and supports remasking. Cuomo talks about giving people rides to get vaccinated. Joe Biden insults unvaccinated people. Biden considers mandating that all federal employees must get vaccinated. A caller shares his COVID story. Capitol officer complains about a vulgar voicemail.

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