Medical Tyranny Is Here | 8/5/21

Disney has added the Joe Biden robot to its presidential lineup. In a recent exchange with a reporter, Biden seemed unable to formulate a coherent train of thought. Social distancing and vaccine mandate testing has arrived in Australia. Alberta has lifted all mandates because of a local resident who fought back against COVID restrictions and won. A prominent doctor, who has received funding from Dr. Fauci, is proposing a Fauci hate crime bill to protect him against backlash. A man who predicted mandates in 2020 has some more brilliant predictions in 2021. AOC caught without a mask again. It’s all political theater. A 12-year-old girl is encouraging her school board to enforce a mask mandate. Olympic medalists refuse to discuss the trans athlete competing in the Olympic Games. A politician gets handed an awkward shaped balloon. Jen Psaki dodges a question about Andrew Cuomo’s sexual assault accusation.

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