(FULL SHOW) Autistic Children Tortured With Electric Shock, Cuomo Resigns, Military Mandate, Infrastructure Bill – Stew Peters Show

The Judge Rotenberg Center in Canton, MA is torturing children with electric shock, and they’re doing it LEGALLY! Leah Dee joins Stew to reveal the horrific atrocity taking place, exposing the abusive torture forever changing children.

The 2700-page infrastructure bill has moved forward, making it legal for men to compete in women’s sports and all new vehicles to be equipped with eye retina scanners. But what does it have to do with INFRASTRUCTURE?

BREAKING! Andrew Cuomo has stepped down on the day of the Mike Lindell Symposium, in the midst of thousands of elderly people sent to nursing homes to die and just before audit results are made public. Coincidence? I think not!

Financial Expert says the trucking industry will be crippled, paralyzing America’s most critical vertebrae in the backbone of our economy.


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