The Greeter in Chief | 8/10/21

Thanks to a fan’s tweet, Pat Gray Unleashed has a new alternative theme song. It’s bizarre how people claim to be “caring” by angrily pressuring people to get the vaccine at all costs despite the changing narratives and clear misrepresentations about its efficacy. Now, they’re going to force kids returning to school to either get the vaccine, wear a mask at all times, or risk suspension. Rand Paul is calling on Americans to “choose freedom” and stand up to this absolute government overreach. Washington state is requiring all state employees to be vaccinated by mid-September. Oregon will soon allow students to graduate high school without knowing how to read, write, or do math? Psaki gets a new White House intern. More fake stories circulate around Twitter as the same man claims to be a doctor, a soldier, a firefighter, and a tourist in different stories. Star constellations may be used to identify coronavirus variants when we run out of letters. An Olympic martial artist lost his medal because he kicked “too hard”? A new documentary may be coming out about AOC. The White House still will not release 15,000 hours of January 6 footage. Could Joe Biden be our new “Greeter in Chief”? Portland police stand by and watch Antifa attack people at a Christian prayer session.

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