(FULL SHOW) Cyber Symposium EXPOSES RAID on Clerk’s Office! FAKE DOCTORS EXPOSED! Pilot Speaks Out and MORE! – Stew Peters Show

Brad Barton joins Stew Peters to expose the Colorado Secretary of State, who tried to SET-UP her subordinate, the Mesa County Clerk, and had her office RAIDED while she was at Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium!

American Airlines pilot, Joshua Yoder joins Stew to discuss the United Airlines communistic mandate as the major carrier is ready to terminate any of their 68,000 employees that don’t get incoculated.

DeAnna Lorraine will join Stew to EXPOSE FAKE DOCTORS using social media to target kids, pushing the COVID fear narrative and pushing them to the potentially deadly jab! 

CDC announces it’s “safe” for pregnant and breastfeeding women to get jabbed!

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