Joe Biden Makes Veiled Threat To Unvaccinated Americans During Live Press Conference – War Room with Owen Shroyer 08/10/21


A loaded transmission today as tyranny is encroaching and conquering America, the resistance and rise against it is also increasing. The lies told by the establishment, the media and politicians it runs are all coming to the light, but now they are telling you to ignore the lies and just live in fear, that is how they will manipulate you. Joe Biden seems to get lost on White House grounds. Lindsey Graham promotes the COVID vaccine while admitting he still got COVID after the shot. Evelyn Rae joins us from Australia to talk about the unprecedented level of COVID tyranny they are facing. Simone Biles, right on que, is becoming a political activist right after her publicity stunt at the Olympics. Mike Lindell’s fiery cyber symposium begins.

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