(FULL SHOW) LEAKED MODERNA NUMBERS! Warning Issued to KIDS! Dr. Dave Clements LIVE! – Stew Peters Show

Stew talks with AZ Rep Mark Finchem, candidate for Arizona Secretary of State, who discusses the upcoming release of audit evidence, the decertification of the 2020 election and who is standing in the way of the efforts to bring integrity back to our election process.

Dr. Jane Ruby brings HORRIFIC numbers to the light, as Moderna tries to HIDE THEM from VAERS, and YOU! Your kids are in immediate danger as the so-called “Emergency Use Authorization” will look to lower the age to FIVE!

The Professor, Dr. David Clements, was recently with Mike Lindell at the Symposium, visited with Lin Wood, spent time with General Michael Flynn and met personally with President Donald Trump. Dr. Clements joined Stew for a candid conversation, revealing snakes and exposing LIES!

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