Kabul Fallout Is Just Beginning As Globalist Bioweapon Goes Into Full Swing – War Room w/Owen Shroyer 08/18/21


The fallout from the disastrous pull out from Kabul, Afghanistan is only just beginning. Is this all a setup to remove Biden from office? How did it go so wrong? The media can’t pull the wool over America’s eyes with this debacle, and it appears they are turning on Biden. There is a larger issue at play in Afghanistan however. Of course this has become a distraction from the medical tyranny and the vaccine bioweapon release that is ongoing. Owen Shroyer and Kristy Leigh launch part 1 in a special series where they take hours of calls from parents who are fighting back against the mask mandate child torture in school. Emotional parents weigh in on this tyranny and how they are fighting it.

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