Superpower No More? | 8/19/21

Joe Biden is now trying to mitigate the damage caused by his administration’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin stated in a press conference that we do not have the capability to go out “and collect a large number of Americans” in order to evacuate them safely. The National Pulse is reporting that the Biden administration threw out Trump’s Afghanistan plan in February and officially had one of their own by June. Joe Biden hasn’t been sleeping well and is telling his staff he needs to get some rest at home in Delaware. Meanwhile leadership seem to be doing everything they can to keep Kamala Harris away from this mess. Will America continue as a superpower? Good news: Afghanistan is now the most “inclusive” defeat in American history. New Joe Biden gas pump stickers are making an appearance. More dumb leftists argue themselves into capitalism and don’t even realize it. Capital One is now against capitalism. Justin Trudeau talks about a “she-cession”? A teacher in Utah goes on a political rant and threatens the students rather than teaching chemistry. Millions of U.S. dollars found in the presidential palace in Afghanistan left behind after the Afghanistan president’s evacuation. A January 6 prisoner has finally been released with the heinous charge of “parading in the Capitol building.”

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