Climate Change Is a Terrorist | 8/23/21

There’s a new bingo card for this week! The Afghanistan situation continues, and Joe Biden has more words to say about it. Afghans are not pleased with how President Biden has handled this military withdrawal. Has Biden broken the record for quickest descent to worst president? Joe Biden wants Americans to know that he can’t guarantee the outcome of citizens trapped with terrorists in Afghanistan. Reporters release footage from inside the chaos in Kabul, Afghanistan. The band Foreigner is urging citizens to get vaccinated. Could a vaccine-required concert be in the near future? The Obama variant of the coronavirus is up to 90 people who have contracted COVID after his party on Martha’s Vineyard. Apparently, the biggest crisis Afghanistan faces is not the Taliban, but climate change. According to a new study, the largest group of people who are vaccine hesitant have doctorates. It now looks like the D.C. bomber might have been seen on Twitter under another name. A new study finds that masks only stop 10% of the particles coming out of your mouth. Protesters in Australia are done with the lockdowns. Also, kangaroos have taken over the suburbs.

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