Australia Today. America Tomorrow? | 8/24/21

Vaccinated people are continuing to get COVID-19 at a surprisingly high rate. Joe Biden tells everyone to go to “” Jill Biden is getting flak for allowing her husband to run for president. Australia is attempting to open its borders by Christmas! Sean Penn wants unvaccinated people to stay away from his movies. I think I can do that. Another mask cultist rants on social media about anyone who disagrees with her. Time to purge the unvaccinated from society? Australia is arresting people simply for leaving their homes or visiting friends. The new “Jeopardy!” host has already been canceled, and he hasn’t even hosted a show yet. David Spade to host “The Bachelor.” Jen Psaki refuses to acknowledge that U.S. citizens are stranded in Afghanistan. Women disappearing from Afghan society. Some Democrats are finally standing up against the unnecessary spending. California voters can print their ballots from home. What could possibly go wrong?

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