Spike Proteins and Soft Serve | 8/25/21

Joe Biden had a great moment with the WNBA champions and also couldn’t seem to remember Megan Rapinoe’s name. The Biden administration really wants to make sure they hit that improbable August 31 deadline to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. Bill de Blasio has a new fantastic plan to get everybody vaccinated. Don Lemon strikes again about possible COVID treatment. Charlie Watts, drummer for the Rolling Stones, has passed away at 80. Eating a hot dog has been shown in a study to take away 36 minutes of your life. A man breaks up with his girlfriend over a jumbotron. A new “challenge” is making its way around social media. Angelina Jolie criticizes Joe Biden’s evacuation from Afghanistan. A new graph puts into perspective just how quickly the COVID vaccine was released. Pat has decided he may get vaccinated. A man was canceled because he hosted a fundraiser for Republicans. DC Comics is now releasing a gay Superman. Pat plays animal videos! The Left is claiming that Larry Elder is a black white supremacist. A new study finds that walls prevent air flow …

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