Incompetence, Gross Incompetence, and Joe Biden | 8/26/21

The Afghanistan crisis continues to get worse, and the date to get troops out keeps changing. Former CIA Director Michael Hayden compares the Afghanistan Taliban and the “American Taliban.” Joe Biden gets asked several questions about the Taliban and can’t seem to find straight answers. Not to mention, his mic gets cut off when he attempts to answer another question at the end of a press conference. Secretary Blinken admits to “working with” the Taliban to try to resolve the situation. Donald Trump released a political ad attacking the gross incompetence of the Biden presidency. Matt Walsh and Kristi Noem go at it on social media. The baby photographed on a Nirvana album cover has grown up and is suing. Notre Dame is now under fire for its leprechaun mascot. Notre Dame doesn’t intend to change it at the moment. An Oxford study claims that fully vaccinated, front-line workers actually have a greater viral load than unvaccinated individuals? Former New York Times reporter says that Moderna is trying to hide the true number of adverse reactions to the COVID vaccine. The intelligence community still doesn’t know the origins of the coronavirus. The NIH redacts everything pertaining to the origins of the coronavirus in a FOIA request. A religious university won’t accept a religious exemption to its vaccine mandate. The Swiss police have resisted the Great Reset.

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