Taliban Takeover | Ep. 85

Biden’s bungled Afghanistan exit has become such a catastrophe that even the liberal media is beginning to question the Commander in Chief’s competence. As American foreign policy collapses before our very eyes, Senator Ted Cruz joins Michael Knowles for a sobering dive into what went wrong, what can still be done, and what America’s place on the international stage will be under Biden and beyond. The eyes of the world are upon us now—especially the eyes of China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, Hamas, and Hezbollah. — Join Senator Ted Cruz and co-host Michael Knowles as they break down the most important news stories of the day and reveal what they mean for you. On “Verdict with Ted Cruz,” you will go behind the scenes of the political debates that define our country. — Connect with Verdict: Facebook: http://facebook.com/verdictwithtedcruz Website: http://verdictpodcast.com — To hear more of Michael, check out “The Michael Knowles Show” on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you stream your favorite podcasts. Watch “The Michael Knowles Show” on YouTube here: http://bit.ly/31crIyH

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