Worst Presidency Ever? | 8/27/21

Could this be the worst presidency in American history? Joe Biden has a very firm stance toward anyone who wishes America harm. Biden and Peter Doocy have a back-and-forth about whether Biden bears any responsibility for Afghan attacks. Patheads call in and share their anger with the Biden administration. A woman in the U.S. military says she will not hesitate to use force against U.S. civilians who defy the government. Australia builds the first quarantine camp for people who might have COVID. The Nirvana baby didn’t seem to have a problem with the poster a few years ago. What changed? The Capitol officer claims that he saved lives by shooting Ashli Babbitt. He says that it was her fault that she was shot. Lightning struck the ground next to a security guard at the White House yesterday. Could God be making a statement? The Supreme Court rules that Biden’s eviction moratorium is unconstitutional … for the second time. Jeffy debates getting his second vaccine shot today. AOC doesn’t understand why someone might be vaccine-hesitant. A new study from Israel shows that natural immunity is far better against the Delta variant than the vaccines. The Chicago Police Union warns Lightfoot that it will not comply with her vaccine mandate. Many cops will quit on the spot.

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