I Pledge Allegiance to the Woke | 8/30/21

Al Roker has a rough time covering Hurricane Ida. Jim Cantore has an equally tough time in his coverage? Joe Biden has his expected gaffes while speaking about the hurricane and seems to fall asleep during his meeting with the Israeli prime minister. Special operations soldiers in Afghanistan execute Operation Pineapple Express to save many Afghani citizens left behind by the Biden administration! They have to do this without help from the U.S. government. The government appears to be blocking Glenn Beck and the Nazarene Fund from evacuating people? Even Obama administration officials are criticizing Biden for his withdrawal from Afghanistan. Vox wants people to reconsider using air conditioning. According to several new studies, the greatest cause of global warming could be the sun. Another street video shows that Americans are clueless. A teacher makes her students pledge allegiance to the LGBTQ flag. Test scores show how much children struggled to learn through virtual learning during lockdowns. Billions of dollars’ worth of equipment was left behind in Afghanistan. A mother of one of the soldiers killed in the terrorist attack in Afghanistan called a radio station to talk about it. Did Joe Biden check his watch during a moment of silence for the troops who died in Afghanistan? A judge bans a woman from seeing her child because she refuses to get vaccinated.

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