Stunning: You Won’t Believe What FBI Text Message Have Just Revealed – War Room with Owen Shroyer 08/30/21

Owen Shroyer returns to the War Room news desk and has big breaking news to cover. Major news coming out of Michigan as the FBI staged kidnapping plot of Governor Whitmer gets worse. New texts reveal FBI agents were insisting on killing the Governor. When they could pin this story on conservatives or average citizens it was headline news, now that it is revealed to be an FBI setup, no one will touch it. The fallout of Afghanistan continues to get worse. As the U.S. announces all troops are out, the Taliban celebrate by firing their newly acquired weapons, and hanging individuals by their newly acquired helicopters. More data coming out about COVID and masks showing there is no reason for the medical tyranny or the vaccine, yet the medical tyranny and oppression continues. We also take some emotional phone calls. The globalists have launched this unprecedented attack out of weakness, not strength. Their plan can – and must – backfire if humanity has any future.

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