The Colossal Failures of Joe Biden | 8/31/21

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby’s numbers of Americans still in Afghanistan don’t seem to match up with everyone else’s. Joe Biden also reveals in an interview that American troops may in fact stay in Afghanistan longer than his deadline of August 31. The situation in Afghanistan continues to get even worse, with the Taliban partaking in some extreme measures. Bill Maher has some choice words about the current state of affairs in our country. Alyssa Milano still thinks that Joe Biden is doing a good job. What is the future of the Biden presidency? What would it take for the news media to care about the colossal failure at the border? A high school girl was hospitalized with a blood clot just three days after getting vaccinated. There is a new website where you can search for jobs that do not require vaccination. A student gets drug out of the classroom by police for not wearing a mask. Nancy Pelosi is caught not wearing a mask again. Schools brainwash kids with a new song about face masks. Homeschooling is on the rise. The man who assassinated Robert F. Kennedy has been released from prison. Could Social Security be secretly racist? Is Spotify cultural appropriation? Today’s sponsors: If you want to see your dog thrive again, just go to to try The Smarter Pet Nutrition for $14.95 Right now Get 10% off PLUS FREE SHIPPING with the offer code PAT…Take your skill to the next level, safely and effectively with iTarget Pro. That’s offer code PAT. ►Click HERE to subscribe to BlazeTV: Connect with Pat on Social Media:

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