Why Liberals Hate Texas | Guest: Hilary Kennedy | 9/2/21

Civil asset forfeiture makes a return in another incredible story. Jen Psaki comments on Biden’s “private conversation” with the Afghan president about lack of leadership. Afghan people are now walking across the desert to try to get out of the country. New reports are coming out about the suicide bombing in Afghanistan. There are questions that need answers! It turns out that Joe Biden checked his watch during the dignified transfer after each of the 13 soldiers, not just the one time. Liberals are freaking out over the new Texas abortion law. Joe Rogan tries ivermectin and claims he feels better after three days. Hilary Kennedy stops by to talk about OnlyFans and MMA. Jake Paul is calling out Tim Tebow to fight him in the ring. Good news! The California teacher who was bragging about indoctrinating children is about to be fired. Many teachers are saying that they will violate the laws to teach critical race theory in the classrooms. Maybe we can get them fired as well. At Duke University, 356 students contracted COVID even though they were vaccinated, while only eight COVID-positive students were unvaccinated. A Pathead shares his wife’s religious exemption form that is required for her to keep her job without being vaccinated.

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