Communist Teachers Being Exposed and Fired for Indoctrinating American Students – War Room with Owen Shroyer


Subversive far-left educators exposing themselves as communist agents. The Democrat left is outraged that Joe Rogan easily survived COVID without a vaccine and used Ivermectin then reported on it and also mad that in Texas you can no longer abort a baby that has a heartbeat. Odd things to be mad at, yet this is the demonic left we are talking about. Maj Toure joins the transmission to talk about a big event that he has coming up and how Americans can come together to help build each other up and save the republic. Jim Hoft, of the Gateway Pundit, joins to discuss the latest censorship efforts by Big Tech against Americans, the lies from the White House on Afghanistan, and makes a big announcement about President Trump. Owen Shroyer also covers the latest COVID and Big Pharma tyranny and how parents are waking up to the radical left indoctrinating their kids into communism in the classroom.

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