The New American Way of Life | 9/9/21

Jeffy subs for Pat today. Jeffy might start putting his hair into a ponytail. A billionaire plans to build a new utopian city in the U.S. Joe Biden says he’s “supposed to stop and walk out of the room here.” Biden appears to be completely oblivious to his own crowd. Jen Psaki has some choice words about getting vaccinated when talking about the new six-step plan for the COVID variants. Jeffy revisits the 10 stages of genocide. Where are we now? Some government websites are now placing a “trigger warning” label on the U.S. Constitution. Senate Democrats are considering more taxes, including taxing for climate change and disposal of plastics. Elijah Schaffer gives Jeffy an idea for a new T-shirt. Economists try to explain away the current inflation by blaming the meat industry. They probably just want us to eat bugs. What is the New American Way of Life? More-On Trivia starts up tomorrow! Larry Elder was almost hit with an egg thrown by a woman in a gorilla mask. Security does nothing to stop the egg-thrower.

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