Welcome to the New World Order | 9/13/21

People are saying that 1/6 was worse than even 9/11. Vaccine mandates are taking effect, even after many Democrats have renounced mandating in the past. Dr. Fauci keeps dancing around how natural immunity can be an alternative means of protection, not only the vaccines. Joe Biden wanders off randomly when Jill is addressing a D.C. school. Fans at a football stadium save a cat from certain death. The media is now claiming that it is not a constitutional right to travel within the country. Americans are not happy with Joe Biden’s latest speech about vaccines. An Australian politician lets slip the phrase “the new world order.” Hospitals are removing any unvaccinated employees from their service but are unwilling to fire them to do so. How is homeschooling different today than it was 30 years ago? A man gives some great advice for anyone who is being pressured to get the vaccine against their will. Rose McGowan speaks out against the current authoritarianism in America. Joe Biden talks about boxing Donald Trump? A Robert E. Lee statue gets removed and replaced with a weird demon-woman-thing.

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