Biden: ‘Reality Has a Way of Working Itself In’ | 9/14/21

Joe Biden has another questionable moment with a school kid. Celebrities showed up at the Met Gala last night in interesting fashion attire. Kamala Harris attacks unvaccinated Americans in an angry tweet. There’s a new documentary coming out featuring Dr. Fauci. A mother reveals vulgar material being shared at a Texas school. Several pictures show us that we must be in the dystopian future we all feared. Which was worse, January 6 or the BLM riots? California may be requiring gender-neutral toy areas in toy stores. Newsom campaigns against Donald Trump even though Trump is not even on the ballot. Los Angeles may be instituting guaranteed income for transgender citizens. Disney is switching back to theaters for big releases. Antony Blinken testifies to Congress about the Afghanistan debacle. Looks like the U.S. government might be giving the Taliban even more money. The Taliban enforces Sharia law in the newly acquired territory in Afghanistan after the U.S. evacuation. Joe Biden fumbles his way through a speech on climate change. A doctor openly suggests modifying the COVID numbers at her hospital to make the situation look scarier than it really is.

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