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Kyle Rittenhouse Not Guilty On All Charges Sending Leftists Into Fits Of Rage – War Room with Owen Shroyer 11/19/21


A major victory for truth and justice as the verdict reached in the Kyle Rittenhouse case is NOT GUILTY on ALL counts. As America celebrates this act of justice, the left and Democrats are already making threats and the Biden DOJ may get involved to bring Federal charges against Kyle. Alex Jones and Mike Cernovich are in-studio with their reactions and breakdowns. Biden approval ratings hit all time lows as the media doesn’t make a big fuss of Kamala Harris technically being the first woman to serve as President while Biden was at hospital today making one think they want Kamala out so they didn’t make a big deal of it. The Raw Egg Nationalist joins the show again and Owen Shroyer goes for a record number of eggs slonked live on air. Is the Pfizer CEO a lizard?

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