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The Tired Variant | 11/29/21

Another exciting weekend of college football, with a close victory for BYU. Did a car drive through the Waukesha Christmas parade, or did a person driving the car do it? Democrats are starting to talk about releasing all federal inmates from prison. A new variant has made its appearance from South Africa, the Omicron variant. Some might call it the tired variant. Prominent Democrats are seen being strictly against travel bans, citing it as un-American. Their mantra seems to have changed now. Fauci says “anything is on the table” when it comes to more mandates and travel bans. Ridley Scott believes that Millennials are responsible for the low box-office numbers of his latest movie. Disney caves to China again by removing an episode of “The Simpsons.” Australia’s lockdown on freedom looks to be spreading to Ireland. You won’t be able to hide from the Australian lockdown police. If you are against the vaccine mandate, you are now anti-vax. 1984 is here! The man who carried Nancy Pelosi’s lectern during January 6 has now pleaded guilty. Disclaimer: The content of this clip does not provide medical advice. Please seek the advice of local health officials for any COVID-19 and/or COVID vaccine related questions & concerns. Today’s sponsors: If you want to see your dog thrive again, just go to https://www.ruffgreens.com/BLAZE to try The Smarter Pet Nutrition for $14.95 Here’s a special offer to get you started. Order now and get your second bottle free. Visit https://www.omegaxl.com/PAT. Enroll in minutes and see how many plus points you can add to your credit score. You’ll be shocked by how fast you can do it. Visit http://www.scoremaster.com/Pat Raycon’s offering 15% off all their products for my listeners and here’s what you’ve gotta do to get it: go to http://www.buyracon.com/gray. Go to http://www.built.com and use promo code “PAT15” to save 15% off your first order. Join the Moink Movement today! Go to http://www.moinkbox.com/unleashed and listeners to this show get FREE bacon for a Year. ►Click HERE to subscribe to BlazeTV: https://www.blazetv.com/Pat Connect with Pat on Social Media: http://twitter.com/patunleashed http://facebook.com/patunleashed

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