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Enough From Michael | Ep. 97

Following the election excitement, Big Bird buzz, and courtroom chaos, Senator Ted Cruz and Michael Knowles come together once again with Liz Wheeler for a special all-mailbag episode. Is Bill Maher becoming a conservative? Will Biden’s DOJ try to go after Kyle Rittenhouse? Does the government actually work the way Schoolhouse Rock tells us it does? And the most important question of all… Montecristo or Cohiba? To submit your mailbag questions for future episodes, become a Verdict+ subscriber today at http://verdictwithtedcruz.com/plus. — Skip the trip to the post office and use https://Stamps.com this holiday season. Claim your four-week trial today with the promo code: VERDICT. — Diversify your savings and get up to $1,500 of free silver today with American Hartford Gold: text CACTUS to 6-5-5-3-2. — Join over 2-million AMAC Members as we fight to uphold the values of the greatest nation on earth—faith, family, and freedom: https://amac.us/cactus. — You asked, we answered. Verdict merch is HERE! Snag your exclusive Verdict swag: http://shop.verdictwithtedcruz.com. — Click the subscribe button above to make sure you don’t miss a single video from Verdict with Ted Cruz. Join Senator Ted Cruz and co-host Michael Knowles as they break down the most important news stories of the day and reveal what they mean for you. On “Verdict with Ted Cruz,” you will go behind the scenes of the political debates that define our country. — This episode of Verdict with Ted Cruz is being brought to you by Jobs, Freedom, and Security PAC, a political action committee dedicated to supporting conservative causes, organizations, and candidates across the country. In 2022, Jobs, Freedom, and Security PAC plans to donate to conservative candidates running for Congress and help the Republican Party across the nation. — Stay in touch with Verdict on social media: Facebook: http://facebook.com/verdictwithtedcruz Website: http://verdictwithtedcruz.com — To hear more of Michael, check out “The Michael Knowles Show” on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you stream your favorite podcasts. Watch “The Michael Knowles Show” on YouTube here: http://bit.ly/31crIyH — To hear more of Liz, check out “The Liz Wheeler Show” on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you stream your favorite podcasts. Watch “The Liz Wheeler Show” on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/lizwheeler #VerdictwithTedCruz #MichaelKnowles #TedCruz #LizWheeler #News #Politics #ConservativeMedia

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