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Supreme Court Justice Breyer’s Retirement Announcement Premature; Upset With Liberal Media For Leaking It – War Room w/ Owen Shroyer


The big news of the day was apparently never supposed to happen. News of Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer’s retirement broke but apparently prematurely as the Justice was allegedly upset this was leaked before he intended on announcing. Owen Shroyer continues to lament the evil of Joe Biden using American troops as cannon fodder as bait and then distracting from this with ice cream social photo ops. Guests on the War Room today include Bryson Gray, Rebecca Terrell and Robert Agee. Owen highlights videos emerging from schools of the horrendous treatment of students in the name of covid. The DHS is making radical claims that right wing extremists want to attack the power grid. Is this setting the stage for a false flag? Owen calls for peace and demands the DHS provide evidence of their claims and make arrests of said individuals. Is it the Michigan Governor kidnapping case all over again?

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