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Disturbing LEAKED Biden Call – American Center for Law and Justice

The American people are demanding President Biden release the transcript of his phone call with Ukraine’s President Zelensky after a CNN reporter tweeted a report that claimed the call between the two leaders “did not go well” and that Kiev could be “sacked.” CNN’s Natasha Bertrand posted and then deleted that tweet. Only an hour later CNN’s Jim Sciutto began denying the information in her report. So now there is mixed messaging coming out of the White House, and the hashtag #ReleaseTheTranscript is back.

When Joe Biden was running for President, he demanded that former President Trump release the transcript from a phone call with President Zelensky:

“I am calling for the President to release the transcript of the call, let everybody hear what it is, let the House see it, and see what he did.”

So, if he can call the former President out to release transcripts and go to the lengths of an impeachment trial, then he needs to release his own transcripts as well. And when the last President was asked to release a transcript, it wasn’t on the brink of a war or when the U.S. is about to send troops into harm’s way.

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