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How I Was Treated After I Refused to Take a Knee for BLM | Jonathan Isaac – Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks to Jonathan Isaac, from the Orlando Magic about what NBA doctors actually told players about masks, what really happened in the NBA bubble in Orlando, and how he was treated by his teammates after refusing to kneel during the national anthem. First, Jonathan discusses how he got into basketball and how he was drafted. He also explains how fear was used to manipulate players at the beginning of COVID to get them to comply with NBA COVID protocols. Next, Jonathan shares what it was really like to live in the NBA bubble in Orlando. He also reveals that NBA doctors told players early on that masks were ineffective at preventing COVID. Jonathan also explains why he decided to make the personal choice to not comply with the NBA vaccine mandate. He also reveals how a journalist from Rolling Stone misled him to smear him in the press and what happened after he refused to take a knee during the national anthem and chose to stand instead. Finally, Jonathan shares the fallout from fans and teammates for refusing to kneel and show his support for BLM. He also discusses his thoughts on the trend of injecting social justice in sports and why it is probably best to keep sports and politics separate.

0:00 Intro
2:14 Jonathan Isaac’s Basketball Journey
6:25 How COVID Drastically Affected The NBA
12:40 How Jonathan Isaac Fought Against Mandatory Vaccinations
17:40 Why Jonathan Isaac Didn’t Kneel During The National Anthem
22:29 Politicization of Sports
24:18 Backlash Against Jonathan Isaac After Kneeling change
25:30 Jonathan Isaac’s Relationship With God
30:58 How Jonathan Isaac Lives A Genuine Life
32:23 Jonathan Isaac’s Future Plans

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