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Protesters Target Dave Rubin & Ron DeSantis Speaking Event – Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks about his speaking event with Ron DeSantis, Joe Biden lying about the economy, Pete Buttigieg’s cluelessness on high gas prices, Pizza Hut becoming another woke business, Jake Tapper being shocked by the tanking Biden approval rating, and Tiffany Cross spreading conspiracies about the midterm elections. First, Dave shares highlights from his event with Ron DeSantis. Next, an insane clip from Joe Biden resorting to lying about how amazing the economy is. According to his info, inflation isn’t fueling a cost of living crisis for the average family. Everything is just fine! Next, Democrats like Rep. Mondaire Jones and Rep.David Cicilline are no longer even pretending to care about constitutional rights or the second amendment. Even the mainstream media is turning on Biden. George Stephanopoulos grilled Pete Buttigieg on ABC News about how Joe Biden’s energy policies are failing to protect Americans from gas prices doubling under Biden. Meanwhile, Pizza Hut has decided to push woke culture on kids in its children’s reading program. To celebrate pride month Pizza Hut is promoting the book “Big Wig” to promote the story of a child drag queen. When will woke corporations realize the high cost of picking a side in the culture war? Finally, Jake Tapper of CNN, seems distressed by the latest Biden approval rating numbers as most Americans blame Joe Biden for the tanking economy.


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