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Disney Tells Kids That Men Have Periods | Ep. 982

00:00 – Opening 01:50 – Disney Tells Kids That Men Have Periods 13:30 – Matt Laments A Recent Chipotle Experience 15:25 – Cassidy Hutchinson Testimony Of Trump On Jan. 6 Makes No Sense 26:06 – AOC Goes On The Late Show To Discuss The Supreme Court 31:16 – Our Politicians And Media Continue To Promote Abortion 38:56 – Gina Darling Learns In Real Time That Her Entire World View Is Incoherent 40:34 – Matt Taibbi Discusses Response To His Review Of ‘What Is A Woman?’ 44:50 – SPOTEMGOTTEM Doesn’t Deserve To Be Arrested 47:13 – The Comments Section 53:36 – Ricci Tres Is Canceled Today on the Matt Walsh, Disney ramps up its efforts to trans our children with a new children’s show featuring an appearance by a menstruating man. Also, the January 6th hearings continue, and will never stop, for all eternity. Plus, AOC unveils the new plan for evading the Supreme Court’s Roe decision. And a 29 year old father of three beats a 13 year old girl in a women’s skateboarding competition, and that’s not even the most absurd part of this story. Wait until you hear the rest.  Become a Daily Wire member to watch summer blockbuster “Terror on the Prairie”, the most talked about documentary in America “What Is A Woman”, and so much more. Use code WALSH for 25% off your new membership: https://utm.io/ueHMh     Tune in tonight 8pm EST to stream Backstage Live at the Ryman! dailywire.com/ryman #TheMattWalshShow #News #Politics #DailyWire

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