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World Economic Forum Head Lays Out His Creepy Utopia, Point by Point – Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks about Klaus Schwab clearly laying out the goals of the World Economic Forum; the Netherlands’ Mark Rutte’s connections with the Great Reset; the Dutch farmer protests more commonly known as boerenprotest; Robert Malone coming around to the Great Reset; Joe Rogan and Gina Carano laughing at globalists; Justin Trudeau refusing to answer Rebel News’ questions; John McEnroe supporting Novak Djokovic and coming out against sports vaccine mandates; Xavier Becerra predicting the next wave of COVID; Ben Smith trying to tell Tucker Carlson he’s a racist; Joe Biden’s approval ratings going so low that even CNN’s Jake Tapper can’t not laugh; and White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s blatant denial of the presidential approval rating. First Dave shares a clip of World Economic Forum head Klaus Schwab laying out a clear plan for how corporate dissenters to The Great Reset will be dealt with. Even Robert Malone initially thought that a lot of what he was hearing about The Great Reset was a conspiracy theory. After reading the book by Klaus Schwab he’s not so sure. Next, a clip of Joe Rogan making Gina Carano cry from laughing at his Klaus Schwab impression and how the globalists at the World Economic Forum come off like cartoon villains. Meanwhile, Justin Trudeau was confronted by Alexandra Lavoie of Rebel News with a reasonable question about vaccine passports and the requirements for boosters. Trudeau showed himself to be the coward he is with his shameless response. Journalist Ben Smith confronted Tucker Carlson and called him a racist. Tucker gives a perfect response and tells him who he actually hates. Finally, Joe Biden’s approval rating has hit such shocking lows with Democrats under the age of 30 that even Jake Tapper and the other CNN hosts can only laugh at how bad it’s gotten.

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