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Why Glenn thinks Hunter Biden may be BLACKMAILING Joe

The world can see how weak the United States of America currently is, Glenn says. And now, Hunter Biden’s criminal activity isn’t helping. In this clip, Glenn shares a realization he had recently about the president’s son: Is it possible the materials coming from Hunter’s laptop aren’t being used as blackmail from a foreign nation, like Russia or China, but by Hunter Biden himself? After all, Glenn says, why else would Hunter save voicemails from his dad that prove Joe knows more than he’ll admit? Glenn detailed the newest developments to the Biden family crime story during his latest Wednesday Night TV Special. Watch ‘Criminal Cronies’ now on BlazeTV.com. ► Click HERE to subscribe to Glenn Beck https://bit.ly/2UVLqhL ►Click HERE to subscribe to BlazeTV: https://www.blazetv.com/glenn Connect with Glenn on Social Media: http://twitter.com/glennbeck http://instagram.com/glennbeck http://facebook.com/glennbeck

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