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Ugly People On Reality Shows?

LIKE & SUBSCRIBE for new videos every day. https://www.youtube.com/c/MattWalsh  The Netflix reality show “Love Is Blind” is under fire for the woke mob for not including more ugly people included on their show… and Matt Walsh agrees. Here’s why. Watch the full episode here: https://bit.ly/3cPoTh2 Watch full episodes of The Matt Walsh Show here: https://bit.ly/3kImEel Grab your Daily Wire merch here: https://utm.io/udZpp All the cool kids have newsletters, so I made one too. Sign up to get it every Friday here. Click here: http://www.mattwalshreport.com/ See all of our exciting content on DailyWire+ here: https://www.dailywire.com/subscribe-plus Grab your copy of Johnny the Walrus before it’s banned: https://utm.io/ud1Ca  #TheMattWalshShow #News #Politics #DailyWire

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