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Matt’s “Walshiest” Take – Vote Now!

Get $30 OFF your order + FREE shipping Use Code: ‘MATT’ at https://www.goodranchers.com/MATT LIKE & SUBSCRIBE for new videos every day. https://www.youtube.com/c/MattWalsh Female Sports reports aren’t cut out for their job, dog moms don’t exist, and if you go into the ocean you deserve a shark attack. Which is the “Walshiest” take? Vote in the comments below! See all of our exciting content on DailyWire+ here: https://utm.io/uePzO Grab your Matt Walsh merch here: https://utm.io/uePzP Grab your copy of Johnny the Walrus before it’s banned: https://utm.io/ud1Ca All the cool kids have newsletters, so I made one too. Sign up to get it every Friday here. Click here: http://www.mattwalshreport.com/ #MattWalsh #TheMattWalshShow #News #Politics #DailyWire

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