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Pipe Bomber, Epps, & Whitmer Fednapping Cases Are Loose Threads Will Pull Apart J6 Fedsurrection – War Room

As the Democrats continue to lie, cheat and steal their way to political power, the truth on just how they do it begins to emerge. The theater of January 6th continues, the truth about how the federal government and the Democrat party collude to set up their opposition and posture themselves as the noble victims is exposed in a Michigan court room, as more evidence from the pipe bomber proves that narrative was a lie as well. Gays Against Groomers was quickly gaining support on social media, so naturally liberals needed to censor them. Jaimee Michell is the founder of Gays Against Groomers and she joins to discuss the attacks on her. Owen Shroyer breaks down the latest lies and crimes in relation to the covid vaccine.

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