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Trump Faces NEW Criminal Probe: Will He Be Indicted? | The News & Why It Matters

Donald Trump is now facing a new criminal investigation into his PAC, Save America. Plus, Illinois passed a new law that eliminates bail for nearly all crimes. And why is Mayor Bowser so upset about illegal immigrants?


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Sara Gonzales is the host of The News & Why It Matters, a daily roundtable news program on Blaze TV featuring notable guests such as Glenn Beck, Ben Shapiro, Dave Rubin, Michael Knowles, Dr. Debra Soh, Graham Allen, Chad Prather, and more. As a conservative commentator, Sara frequently calls out the Democrats for their hypocrisy, the mainstream media for their misinformation, feminists for their toxicity, and also focuses on pro-life issues, culture, gender issues, health care, the Second Amendment, and passing conservative values to the next generation. Sara has also appeared on OAN with Liz Wheeler, as well as Daily Wire.

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