America Has FALLEN from a Free Country to a PRISON – Chad Prather Show

Folks, America is no longer the free country it once was. Our beloved nation has devolved into an open-air prison ruled by petty tyrants with only the illusion of freedom. One would hope we could bridge the ideological divide between the two sides, but unfortunately one side is dead set on viewing the other as enemies. The only thing keeping us from being thrown in camps is the Second Amendment. Look no farther than the case of Daniel Penny, the heroic Marine who stopped a homeless lunatic from threatening people on the subway. His reward? Penny is facing 25 years behind bars. Go back to 2018: Karine Jean-Pierre said Donald Trump was guilty of “Russian collusion.” With the release of the Durham report, we know that’s completely untrue. Will anyone face consequences for this nonsense? Of course not. John Fetterman and Dianne Feinstein returned to D.C. despite being essentially brain-dead. It’s a travesty that they’re being wheeled out to represent the people when they don’t even know where they are. Elon Musk was interviewed on CNBC about his taking over Twitter and his controversial post about George Soros. When asked about concerns from advertisers about his tweets, Musk said he “doesn’t care about losing money” because free speech is more important. His new CEO hire has some people conernced, but only time will tell if Musk will stay true to his word.

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Some of Prather’s most popular videos are shot in the front seat of his truck as he delivers his fast talking, rabid fire rants.
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Prather has mad numerous appearances on Fox News, CNN, A&E, MSN. He is the host of BlazeTV’s “The Chad Prather Show” and “Humor Me with Chad Prather.” His wildly successful 2016 “Kings of Cowtown Comedy: was a hit and his current “Star Spangled Banter Comedy Tour” is selling out theaters all over America.

Chad’s guests include: Phil Robertson, Glenn Beck, Jon Miller, Elizabeth Johnston, Jeff Kyle, Jason Piccolo, Matt Kibbe, Sara Gonzales, Mark Maxwell, Mike Stewart, Jennifer Nickerson, David Harris Jr., Mike Ritland, Heath Oakes, Kendall Jones, Rob Redwine, Trey Chapman, Katie Thulin, and many more!

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