Anti-Communist Education – James Lindsay, New Discourses

New Discourses Bullets, Ep. 45

Know what the Woke Marxists really don’t want? Anti-Communist education in our schools. They do not want our children to learn about the true history of Communism and its atrocities. They do not want our population to be able to recognize Communism for what it is, regardless of what it’s called. We can know that’s true not only because we have such thoroughly “redwashed” education in this country, which avoids teaching about Communism honestly, but because the Democratic Party in Virginia just went all-out to stop that state from adopting curriculum to this purpose, saying it would be potentially “racist” and encourage “anti-Asian hate.” Join host James Lindsay for this episode of New Discourses Bullets to learn why one of the most valuable strategic moves, short term and long term, is therefore pushing for and creating anti-Communist education for our children.

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