Cali, Ohio, Arizona…falling apart, Russia vs Ukraine MSM lies, SNL Truth, EXPOSURE! PRAY! – And We Know

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Corals Under the Sun
Song by Yehezkel Raz feat. Sivan Talmor

Take son to revival … not football:

The Highly Toxic Ohio Airborne Event: Predicted 11 Years Ago!!

You’re listening to Dr. Edward Herman, the late Emeritus Professor at Wharton, UPenn, and co-author of “Manufacturing Consent” with Noam Chomsky, discussing the United States’ involvement in Ukraine’s 2014 coup:

Hillary says Putin has mental issues.

🪧🇩🇪1000s demonstrate in support of peace efforts in Ukraine at the Brandenburg Gate in Central Berlin

REVISITED: Trump, Sex Trafficking & How It Ties To Russia

Do you begin to get the picture? 😡😡😡

Retired US army Colonel on NATO and Ukraine…

Arizona Shocking levels of corruption! 😱Watch:

Victoria Nuland is Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs under Biden. She and her husband are war-mongering psychopaths!

Watch what Woody Harrelson dropped on SNL! 😱😄👏🏻

CNN Report from 2014



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