Democrats Back Out Of Trump Indictments As Entire Country Knew It Was Illegitimate – War Room

Another day comes and goes with no Trump arrest or indictment, and once again Democrats who believed this was finally the end of Trump are let down and put off, but don’t worry, they will fall for it again next week. The real big news that the media is ignoring is the new partnership forming between Russia and China which aims to confront the stranglehold America and the West has had over Geopolitics for decades. Patrick Howley broke the Ashley Biden diary story just before the 2020 election, and though at the time it was called fake news, now a District Court has confirmed it is real. Patrick Howley joins to discuss. One of the most banned women in the world is Charlene Bollinger for her stand against big pharma over the years. She joins to discuss her new docuseries, ‘The Truth About Cancer’.

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