Dishonest Abe and The Federal Oligarchs with Tom Dilorenzo – Two Mikes

The fine economist and civil war era historian Tom DiLorenzo joined The Two Mikes today to discuss issues touching on both areas.

Dr. DiLorenzo has just published a book named The Politically Incorrect Guide to Economics, which has received fifty-five 5-star reviews at Amazon. In talking about his book and the American economy generally, Dr. DiLorenzo said that it now should be obvious to all Americans that the “schemes and plans” of almost all post-Woodrow-Wilson U.S. Governments have been aimed at bringing Americans more and more under its control, just as its foreign policy — it seems– is still out to control the world. Quite simply the national government is “unsafe and dangerous … its main purpose is to take bribes.”

On the pertinence of Civil War history to today’s problems, Dr. DiLorenzo noted that Lincoln’s administration entered the conflict in a situation where all three branches of the national government all participated in constitutional interpretation.

By the end of the war, the Supreme Court had emerged with the sole responsibility for constitutional interpretation, leading to the current situation where we are ruled by that court, and nine people who have never been elected for anything.

Dr. DiLorenzo also noted that the Lincoln administration put the 10th Amendment on the road to meaninglessness, which has led to fewer and fewer powers being lodged in the states and in the people. Today, a person raising the issue of states rights — meant to guarantee against the tyranny of the national government earns the speaker charges of holding racist and pro-slavery views. Thomas Jefferson, Dr. DiLorenzo said, wanted all Americans — the governors and the governed — to be bound by the chains of the Constitution, and especially by the strong protections for liberty found in the 10th Amendment. This episode is a bit long, but we are betting that our audience always finds talks with Dr. Di Lorenzo to be easy and informative experiences.

Dr. DiLorenzo’s recent book on economics — cited above — is available at Amazon, Barnes Noble, and many other outlets. Among his provocative and highly common sense books on Lincoln and the Civil War era are: The Problem with Lincoln, The Real Lincoln, and Lincoln UnMasked, all which are available at Amazon, Barnes Noble, AbeBooks, Powell Books, and many other outlets. 

Abraham Lincoln: Friend or Foe of Freedom?


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