DOJ Files ‘Anti-Trust Suit’ Against Google — Is the Machine Done?

Google is facing an anti-trust suit from the DOJ alleging that the “digital ad monopoly” of the tech giant continues to grow and grow. Will Google lose this in court? It looks like former Vice President Mike Pence also had classified materials at his home in Indiana. Pence turned the documents over to the FBI after he directed his team to search his home and office. Why are we finding classified documents in politicians’ homes? An FDA committee is going to meet to discuss future recommendations regarding COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters. Are we going to see more mandatory vaccination requirements? After Antifa tried to burn down Atlanta over the weekend, reports are coming out that the anti-police riot suspects aren’t from Georgia — but they are liberal kids with wealthy backgrounds. When will Antifa be classified as a terrorist group? Seattle is running out of storage for dead bodies as the fentanyl crisis continues to worsen.

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