EXPLOSIVE: FBI Searched Biden’s Think Tank For Classified Documents… in NOVEMBER!?

We are finally finding out that the FBI did search for classified documents in Biden’s think tank, The Penn Biden Center, back on November 2nd. A Pennsylvania jury found Mark Houck; a pro-life activist, NOT guilty on Monday. Biden delays the conclusion of the COVID-19 pandemic, another 5 more months under the government’s authoritarian rule. Since the end of the pandemic emergency is close, what do we think the next crisis will be? The global climate crisis may be the next thing that the government uses to control our behavior. MSNBC anchor shares her myocarditis scare, but she says it came from a common cold virus. Do we think this is really the case? Even her doctor can’t rule out if it came from the vaccine, since the CDC has admitted the vaccine can possibly cause myocarditis. Steph Curry wrote a “NOT IN MY BACKYARD” letter to the city of Atherton, asking them not to build low-income housing behind his multi-million-dollar home. He even went as far as to tell the city to build a wall around the complex to block the owners from viewing his home.

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