Fred Coulter: Hellward and Onward America Simmers In Satan’s Boiling Pot

Mr. Fred Coulter returned to The Two Mikes today and spoke very clearly and forcefully about what now is irrefutably true, namely that America is in the thrall of evil and the leadership of satanists.

He discussed that the recent Grammy Awards show, and its theme and advocation of satanism. The show, Mr. Coulter said, was directly out of Sodom and Gomorrah, and should be seen by all Christians as a direct threat to their ability to practice their faith in this country.

The awards show was quickly followed by the usual nationwide celebration of Valentine’s Day, another holiday based on paganism and Satanism, which was followed by the clear Satanism of the Super Bowl’s half-time show.

Mr. Coulter explained that on this issue God’s word cannot be clearer or easier to follow. The Bible clearly educates its readers on two simple choices that all believers must make: (a.) between good and evil, and between normality and perversion. The decision of Christians on these clear choices sort the heaven-bound from those who are not. Likewise, the Bible, beyond doubt, shows that God created only men and women, and to believe otherwise — as in multiple and changing genders — is an abomination.

Mr. Coulter noted that at the moment it appears that a great many Americans have distanced themselves from the Lord and are, for now , voluntarily headed hellward having recognized Satan as the lord of this world.

Our discussion with Mr. Coulter was longer than most of our episodes, but we encouraged Mr. Coulter to take the ball and run with it, and he did so and gave us and our listeners a stern, truthful, and much needed exposition that will help The Two Mikes and their listeners to see the dreadful return a human being accrues from investing in Satan’s ways, rather than God’s. 

“Listening to Two Mikes will make you smarter!”
– Gov Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr


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